PBL 110

Special Conveyors

  • Pitch: from 3,8 to 20 mm
  • Material: Inox AISI 302 / Inox AISI 316 or spring steel (bright)
  • Ø Wire: from 0,9 to 2,8 mm
  • Mesh Lenght: from 25 to 150 mm
  • Belt Type: Standard S-side or double bent Z-side


Wire mesh belts with S-side or Z-side made of high resistance steel wires. They have wide openings, which make them very well suited for applications in which the product should have as little contact with the conveyor belt as possible. This means they are especially suitable for light products. These belts are pulled by gears of different materials and, thanks to their flexibility, they can easily be winded up on rollers with extremely small diameters.


  • Pastries and biscuits factories
  • Chocolates factories
  • Frozen food industries
  • etc.